Several States Order National Guardsmen to Arm Up in Wake of Tennessee Shooting

In the wake of Thursdays deadly shooting in Chattanooga, TN multiple governors across the United States have ordered their National Guardsmen to arm up in the hopes that by getting firearms in the right hands, they will be able to prevent another senseless tragedy.

Via AP

Governors in several states ordered National Guardsmen to be armed in the wake of an attack on two military facilities in Tennessee, and Florida Gov. Rick Scott went a step further Saturday by immediately relocated recruiters to armories.

In an executive order, the Republican governor said he wants Guard recruiters to move from six storefront locations into armories until state officials can evaluate and make security improvements, including possibly installing bullet-proof glass or enhanced surveillance equipment.

Scott ordered the Guardsmen to be armed, as did governors in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

A step in the right direction… However given the risk our service men and women face, this should never have been up for discussion. The concept of a Gun Free Zone is about as naive as you can get, all this does it place a target on the backs of the individuals within the gun free zone.

How is that fact so difficult for people to understand?

Security for the recruiting centers has come under scrutiny since the Tennessee shootings because some people believe they are too vulnerable. U.S. military officials have said security at recruiting and reserve centers will be reviewed, but the Armys top officer, Gen. Ray Odierno, said its too early to say whether the facilities should have security guards or other increased protection.

Weve got to understand that you know we have people in our country that want to harm the military, Scott said. They need to be safe and they need to be armed.

As governor, Scott oversees the Florida National Guard and can act without federal involvement. He ordered officers to make sure all full-time members of the guard are armed in the interest of immediately securing Florida National Guardsmen who are being targeted by ISIS.

Governor Scott is completely on point, far too long the federal government has been aware of the threat against our military yet they have choose to leave our service members vulnerable.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter late Friday asked the military services to determine if additional steps can be taken to ensure people are safe at military installations, and said he wants a report back by the end of next week.