RIP Fred Thompson

Yesterday, we lost a great man and a true American patriot. Fred Thompson.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to meet and then collaborate with the late Senator on a few projects.

Im not sure exactly what the intangible character quality is, but as soon as we met I knew I was in the presence of a man of significant stature and true greatness. Please call me Fred, he said in response to my more formal greeting. His mind was always the quickest in the room, yet his demeanor served as constant reminder that there is a bigger picture to life than our current situation. And his listening ear sent a clear message that the people in the room actually mattered.

Along the way, my team here at Grassfire had an idea for a short video narrated by Fred called So God Made A Patriot. The project was patterned after the stirring tribute to farmers that featured Paul Harvey. I worked with Fred on the script and then we sent our producer, Norvell Rose, to meet with Fred and record the narration for So God Made A Patriot.

Norvell took Freds narration and matched it to a moving visual treatment. I still think So God Made A Patriot is the single best video production we have ever produced and one of the best portrayals of the heart and soul of the American patriot.

Shortly after I heard the news yesterday, I went looking for So God Made A Patriot and watched it again or the first time in over a year. Freds voice stirred my heart afresh and anew to the great calling we each have to stand on that wall of freedom. Here are Freds closing words in So God Made A Patriot:

Then God said I need a man who will speak the truth to our own leaders that in order to preserve our great nation we will not sacrifice the well being of future generations for the sake of our own…

…Someone who will tirelessly toil, day upon night, no matter the setback, no thought of surrender…

…Someone who will prayerfully rise every morning to climb the wall as a defender, duly endowed with the honored gift of generations before, while offering a solemn promise to generations ahead; a defender who will ensure that the way of truth and the torch of liberty remain forever lit in this shining city on a hill.

So God made a PATRIOT.

Thanks, Fred, for your shining example. May we each now hold high the torch of liberty for our generation and generations to come.

Steve Elliott

P.S. Please share this video today as a tribute to Fred Thompson and a stirring reminder of our solemn call as patriots.