5 30-Second Moves To Tone Your Entire Body And Burn Fat Fast (With Pictures!)

It doesnt mean that you will need a lot of time or a single piece of equipment in order to be leaned and toned. This total-body routine relies on your body weight as a resistance to shape your muscles while increasing your heart rate which will burn large amounts of fat. The workout is short and simple. In order to get optimum results, you will have to push yourself to the limits. Try to have as many reps as you can for each move.2


Implement all the moves back-to-back, for 30 seconds each. Keep your form and take a rest only when you must. Once you have completed the final move, you should rest only for 30 seconds and iterate in this format for a total of six rounds.

  1. Pencil Squatspencilsquat

Stand with your feed coupled holding a fictitious medicine ball over your head. Spread your feet out to shoulder-width as you drop into a low squat, lowering the ball to the ground between your feet. Do the same motion backwards to the starting position, squeezing your inner thighs while coming buck. Iterate the same process again.

  1. High Lowshighlow

Begin in the top of a push-up with your wrists placed directly under your shoulders. Lower the right forearm to the floor. Do the same with the left one. Bring back to the starting position one hand at a time. Iterate the process all over again.

  1. Standing Mountain Climbersstandingmtnclimbers-1

Stand with your feet hip-spread apart, right hand pointed out to the sky, left hand in front of your chest. Sprint in place while switching arms to the sky in position to the legs.

  1. Low Plank KneesScreen-Shot-2015-07-09-at-12.00.57-PM-e1436457825316

Begin in a low plank position on your toes and forearms, elbows placed under your shoulders. Elevate your hips to the sky, moving your right knee forward. Return to the starting position. Iterate, but now move your left knee forward. Continue switching.

  1. Power Thrustspowerthrust

Stand with feet hip-spread apart. Squat down and put your hands on the ground. Jump feet back to splash down in the top of a push-up position, then jump the feet back to beginning. Jump up quick and hard elevating your fingertips upwards and bring up your knees to your chest. Splash down easy and iterate the same process again.

Source: http://theheartysoul.com/