WHAT IS THE COLOR OF YOUR LIPS? Pale Lips Indicate Anemia, Purple Lips Are A Sign That Your Diet Is Poor

The Eastern Traditional Medicine believes that the health condition can be determined by the look of our lips.

Look at the mirror and check the color of your lips.

The natural color of the lips is pink, and any other color indicates particular health problems.1

    1. Pale or Pink – if your lips are paler than usually, this is a sign of anemia. Your organism lacks of hemoglobin and red blood cells. The experts recommend food rich in iron and vitamin C.
    2. Intensive Red – if your lips have intensive red color, your organism tries to tell you that your liver is working too hard.
    3. Purple or Green – it is not unusual your lips to change the color and become purple or green when exposed to cold weather. But if you notice this color constantly, you should check your heart and lungs.
    4. Dark Purple – this means that something is wrong with your digestion system. You should eat fresh food rich in fibers and minerals and avoid fast and unhealthy food.
    5. Dark Purple Edges – if the edges of your lips are purple, you should know that your organism is imbalanced. In this case you will notice changes in your body temperature. The only thing you can do is to have a rest, eat well and avoid food with strong and specific taste.