OMG – Mom Decides To Pop Son’s Knee Infection Against Doctor’s Order’s, What She Finds Living Inside?

No one would expect a living creature to get out from a minor injury in child.

But the 4-year old Paul Franklin experienced just that. One day he was playing at the beach and fell on the rock, hurting his knee.1

When the injury started to swell, his mom, Rachael took her kid to urgent care. The doctor informed them that the kid has a staph infection.

But, the wound didn’t heal although the kid received a antibiotic therapy. Rachael noticed that the knee started to turn black. Then she decided to squeeze the wound in order to drain it, even though the doctor didn’t recommend such thing.

Then something shocking happened, a black snail emerged from the knee. “He moved!” Rachael screamed. “There is a freaking snail in there! Bubbles are coming up!”

Ken, Paul’s father says that his son must have fallen on a nest on that rock. That is how a snail egg got into his knee.

Today Paul’s knee is fully healed and he even gave a name to the snail- Turbo!