Looks like Trump is Ready to Go to War with Carson Over Taxes… Re: GOP Debate

Get the popcorn ready, things are about to get interesting…

As the remaining Republican presidential candidates ready themselves for Wednesday evenings GOP debate, the rumor-mill is in full swing over whether or not Carson and Trump will drop their chummy relationship and challenge each other directly.

The debate which is set for Wednesday at 6 pm MDT in Boulder, Colorado will focus on economics more than the previous two, thus giving candidates that have yet to grab a moment of the spotlight a chance to shine.

While the majority of the mainstream media are placing their bets on billionaire Donald Trump stealing the spotlight this evening when comes to economics, we will have to wait and see.

Via DailyMail

Trump began hammering Dr. Ben Carson this week after the onetime neurosurgeon managed to catch him for the first time in a national poll of Republican voters, calling his pro-life credentials and his Christian faith into question.

He joked at a recent rally that the low energy Carson wasnt aware of his own leap in the polls because he was sleeping when it happened.

And he retweeted a message claiming Gentle Ben is no match for Putin, referring to Russias president, or if the truth be told even for Hillary [Clinton].

Kasich said Monday in Ohio that he was ready to take the battle straight to Trump.

Im fed up, he told Reuters of Trumps rise to prominence on the strength of his novelty and bombast. Im sick and tired of listening to this nonsense.

Fiorina is back to polling in mid-single-digits following her breakout performance in the last GOP debate a leap into the spotlight that came largely on the strength of her open warfare with Trump after the tycoon dared to criticize her looks.

When the temperature of that tiff dropped off, so did her ability to grab headlines.

The Trump effect, as its being called in political circles, has turned Wednesday into a Game of Thrones-like phenomenon with the nation waiting to see whose media profile will next benefit from occupying the same space as The Donald.

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