Did You Know You Can Actually Vote Online For New Emojis?

Your dreams of the sad poop emoji becoming a reality aren’t too far away.

As any emoticon enthusiast will know, Apple’s iOS 10 update includes over 100 new characters and thingamabobs, but did you also know that you can actually request for a potential addition?


Introducing: EmojiRequest, a site that lets you vote for dozens of proposed emojis.


Everything from a censored swearing face to a salad is just a few clicks away.

EmojiRequests submits formal proposals to the Unicode Consortium, the guys who make emojis.

They do the legwork, Unicode does the magic.


“We understand the process well and think that these proposals will have a good chance of being approved. Unicode may also choose to take our request data into consideration while reviewing Emoji proposals. However, the final decision lies with Unicode and there is no guarantee the Emojis you request will be approved.”

In other words, voting for new characters will help narrow down which ones get the highest votes, but Unicode ultimately gets the last word.

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to put in a vote.


You can cast your vote here.